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AI Meets the Supermarket

What happens when AI meets your local supermarket? Well, this Walmart might not be local just yet, but we think there’s a good chance AI-powered shopping will be a part of your life in the not-too-distant-future.

From monitoring when shelves might need to be restocked to an interactive wall that shows off the technology and makes for a fun time with the kids, Walmart’s new Levittown, N.Y. market is definitely catching people’s attention.

What do you think? Does this make you excited for your shopping future or a little nervous? Or maybe both? We’re certainly curious to find out how else this technology will develop! If you want to find out more, check out TechCrunch’s article about the new store.

Make An Interactive Window for Your Business

Make An Interactive Window for Your Business

Last week we received a few more messages like this one:

"Hello! How do you usually display Lumo Play materials (projector, camera) for a window display?"

Today, we're going to explain how best to design an interactive display for your storefront window.