Take a Leap!

Ever want to live the life of a daredevil with all of the adrenaline and none of the danger? We might just have a way for you to do that! The Evel Knievel Museum in Kansas wanted show visitors what it was like to be in the legendary risk-taker’s shoes.

We love that the immersive experience not only puts you in a 360 environment, but completes the experience by having you actually sit on a motorcycle. We don’t know about you, but our hearts would definitely be pounding after that!

Leap Motion, Proprioception, and the Jenga Test

Leap Motion, Proprioception, and the Jenga Test

Leap Motion quickly recognized that hand tracking is a huge and important problem to solve in virtual and augmented reality, and their sensor is uniquely well designed for the problem. This is in part related to the emergence of VR/AR headsets like Oculus and Meta. It's a great story; many cool hardware innovations have no real defined use case until a developer community joins the party. What Leap learned from their community was that their hardware filled a gaping hole in VR interface control devices.