Interactive Installation

Under The Sea

There’s something so magical about aquariums! Perhaps it’s because we still know so little about the ocean and every bit we do learn seems so magical and alien. Perhaps it’s because it’s a part of the world we can only venture into for brief moments. Maybe it’s both! Either way, this Sydney, Australia-based installation that allows visitors to walk through The Great Barrier Reef is a wonderful way to experience that magic.

With the help of projection mapping and interactive technology, one of the most amazing parts of our world is brought directly and personally to visitors. We hope it helps grow an appreciation of our magical, vast, and fragile ecosystem.

A Rainy Throwback

Since, according to our sources on social media, it’s Fallback Friday, we thought that sharing this amazing rain room installation would be an excellent blast from the past. Barbican’s Rain Room debuted about six years ago and left visitors amazed. Technology has evolved quite a bit since then, but the installation is still elegant, beautiful, and very magical. We love that it still feels a little impossible, even after all these years.