Interactive Lighting

That time we made an amusement park ride with no money...

That time we made an amusement park ride with no money...

In 2011, when we were just a budding company with no real business model, we jumped at any chance to create an experiential installation. When our friends Kurt Firla and Elliot Mealia called and asked if we wanted to create an amusement park ride that videomapped a TTC streetcar and took riders on a fantastic voyage around Toronto, (including stops under the lake, inside a giant raccoon, and through time and space), we obviously had to say yes.

Throwback Thursday: Completely analogue lighting ideas.

Corn syrup is incredibly dense. Mercury is incredibly heavy, and when dripped in corn syrup, it leaves traces of bubbles that move upwards super slowly. Adding colour to the mix will further compound the trippy effect. Imagine shining a light through a glass or lens filled with these substances. Actually, instead of imagining, just do it, and invite us to your party. We'll bring a veggie platter.

Interactive Punching Bag Lets You Fight Cancer. By Punching It.

This installation by Dutch designer Thijs Biersteker was designed to help raise money for the Dutch Cancer Foundation.

Aside from having an amazingly cool name, this designer is brilliant for his violently proactive approach to raising awareness for the grief, frustration, and helplessness experienced by victims of this deadly disease.

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