The three golden rules of interactive display design.

The three golden rules of interactive display design.

There are obviously all kinds of factors that influence how a display is designed, and how it works. These include things like lighting requirements, durability, intuitive user experience, target audience, localization, accessibility… the list is super long.

However, there are three simple rules that I’ve discovered must be followed in order to ensure that any interactive display is as successful and engaging as possible.

Microsoft Hololens - Augmented Reality That Will Make You Crap Your Pants

I'm excited about the Microsoft Hololens. And here's why. Virtual reality allows designers and developers to create completely new realms and experiences, include participants remotely in believable 3D environments, and even recreate events in ways that are as emotive and visceral as if you were actually there. But the Hololens isn't offering virtual reality. It's offering augmented reality; ie: way better reality. And reality is something we can share, in real places, in real time.