Augmented Paper

Augmented reality technology has been evolving steadily over the years and one of the most beautiful and impressive uses of it is breathing a little extra life into books and magazines. From showing readers products in a new light and providing them with an easy way to purchase those items, to giving art lovers a new way to appreciate gorgeous new pieces, we wanted to share some of our favorite examples of AR and paper. Enjoy!

Space/Time and Sculpture

We’ve mentioned this before, but one of the truly exciting things about the intertwining of technology, like augmented reality and projection mapping, and art is the space it gives artists to play. The team at Binder-a used kinetic projection and lasers to “engrave” a digital sculpture, cleverly exploring memory, the evolution of technology over time, and the preservation of human history through stone and sculpture. The result is captivating, innovative, and absolutely beautiful.


Two years ago, Limelight 3D and director Antonin Križanić won the iMapp 2016 Grand Jury and Audience Choice Awards in Bucharest with their piece “Interconnection” and we can see why! There’s something so amazing about taking a structure and turning it into something completely different with, what ultimately amounts to just a clever manipulation of light. It’s both simple and amazingly complex. As you head into the weekend, enjoy this five minute masterpiece!