Moving Mountains

Take a bit of sand, a little projection mapping, and what do you get? An interactive relief map that allows users to create terrain with their bare hands!

With the help of a machine-learning algorithm, the program uses the height of the sand to project images of mountains, plains, or bodies of water, which it draws from a database of satellite imagery. 


It's exciting to imagine all the uses of this kind of technology, from enhancing game play to providing scientists with a tangible way with which to plan the terraforming of another planet or moon. It also can be used for something much closer to home: helping people find a deeper appreciation of our own planet, Earth. 

Virtual Dining

As virtual and augmented reality technology become more accessible to artists and creators, we are treated to increasingly innovative applications of that technology. Naked Inc., a Japanese firm that consistently creates detailed, intricate, interactive experiences is once again leading the way when it comes to building immersive experiences.


The brainchild of Naked director Ryotaro Muramatsu, "Tree" is a six course meal that invites guests to follow the story of a tree as it grows. Each life stage of the tree is paired with a course as the diners move through a three story building that has been fully equipped with VR technology, projection mapping, and other artistic features. 


It's exciting to see artists begin to weave this technology into their work and this is just the beginning. There are innovations and art pieces around the corner that we can't even imagine yet; we can't wait to see what's next!