Designer Arvind Sanjeev Re-Imagines Interactivity

Since Lumo Interactive first opened our doors in 2010, we've become more and more excited to witness all the innovations taking place within the world of augmented and mixed reality. Earlier this year, interaction designer Arvind Sanjeev announced that he's taking that innovation a step further with his new creation, Lumen, which moves away from using headsets or phones as the focal point of AR experiences. 

With this projector/flashlight, Sanjeev has created an incredibly fun, easy-to-use way to ignite magic all around you. The applications are incredibly broad, with the possibility to use Lumen as an education devise, a way to enhance games -- from escape rooms to treasure hunts -- in the physical world, or as a way to expand storytelling.

As innovations like this become more affordable, we're eager to see how artists, educators, and designers apply the technology to enchant and entrance participants. 

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