Updating a Gesturetek Cube


When the Canadian Deafblind Association - NB Inc. wanted to modernize their interactive environment, they chose to deploy Lumo Play’s platform because of its simplicity, affordability, and compatibility with existing hardware. We spoke with Abby, who coordinates the Snoezelen Room, a sensory experience room at the Fredericton-based organization to learn more.

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At a Glance

Client needed to update their existing interactive environment

Migrating from Windows 7 and Adobe Flash to modern platforms

Wanted access to broader games and effects

Wanted to customize and create their own games

The situation

The Canadian Deafblind Association had deployed a Gesturetek FX Cube in mid-2017 to create sensory games that help clients relax, play, and explore. However, the system didn’t offer software or hardware upgrades, and the available interactive scenes were limited. “There are no opportunities to upgrade, buy new games, or make your own games,” said Abby. “By switching to Lumo Play, we hoped to provide our clients with new interactive experiences to keep them engaged with the Cube, as the Gesturetek experiences were limited.”

Migrating to Lumo Play

The Lumo deployment was simple, from download to installation. In fact, the biggest challenges were migrating the legacy Windows 7 operating system and correctly positioning the constrained physical hardware that came with Gesturetek to take advantage of Lumo Play’s full capabilities. “The Cube has a very angled camera in it,” said Abby. “We know upgrading the camera would help this but at this point we’ve already invested a lot in the [Gesturetek] cube.” The Association hopes to upgrade the camera in the future, since Lumo Play’s software works with a broad range of off-the-shelf sensors.

What’s next?

“We really want to have sensory games that also involve an aspect of learning,” said Abby. The Association is interested in incorporating physical objects into gameplay, and creating natural experiences that mimic water, forests, and mountain environments. “Getting an interactive floor can be especially beneficial for those with disabilities to gain new experiences and to practice their visual, kinesthetic, and tactile sensory channels.”

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Client chose to replace the Gesturetek solution in less than a year

Migrated to Lumo Play quickly once operating system was upgraded

More modern environment reduces security risks, addresses performance concerns


While Lumo Play greatly expands the capabilities and experiences available on CDA-NB Inc.'s interactive floor system, they would have preferred to purchase Lumo software at the outset, and combine it with widely available projectors and sensors.

Lumo Play's software is free to download and test, and works on most Windows computers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!