Bianco di Sera Wall Projection


When film producer and business owner Massimo Coloso of Mc Produzioni Video was asked to provide an extra ‘wow’ factor at Bianco di Sera, an event he’s been working with for 4 years, he chose to install a Lumo Play interactive wall.

Massimo’s company is located in Friuli Venezia Giulia, and his company offers a variety of video and event services across Northern Italy. In addition to professional video services, Massimo’s company has lately been providing solutions for aerial and live streamed content. Massimo himself has been looking for an opportunity to introduce interactive projection mapping services to his clients since attending digital art festivals in the past as a video mapper.

Bianco di Sera, which translates as ‘White Evening’,  is an annual event held in Cormòns, Italy. This is Massimo’s beautiful native town, known all over the world for its excellent white wines. The event is a dinner and party attended by around 600 people. The white color is a theme that carries across everything, from the decorations to the clothing.

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At a Glance

Client was looking to add a unique interactive lighting effect at a party

The event organizers specifically requested the Lumo Play

No software developers; the event required a code free solution

Setup needed to be easy, quick, and flawless

The situation

Massimo’s customers are always looking for a way to make their events more unique and memorable. His video production company is comfortable installing hardware - they often provide motorized cameras, encoders, and media server controls at their events. What they do not have are in-house software developers.

Massimo started looking for interactive projection software that would allow him to offer spectacular and interactive projections without having to learn a line of programming code.

He also wanted something that would work with the equipment he already owned. In the end, the only hardware he needed to purchase was a camera and a tripod.

"Last year I bought a Panasonic PT-Vz580 WUXGA projector for video mapping projects. It's a semi-professional projector but, in the case of Lumo Play, I could very well have made the installation with an entry level projector. I used a Logitech Full HD Webcam*, which can be found on Amazon for less than €100. To support the weight of the projector, I bought a professional tripod too."

The organizers of Bianco di Sera became aware of interactive walls after seeing a previous installation made with Lumo Play, and they specifically requested the technology for this year’s event. Investing in a Lumo Play license and extra equipment has paid off for Massimo’s company in a just a few months.

Setup and Audience Response

According to Massimo, the public goes crazy for this kind of interactive projection. Many people believe that interactive projection technology is mainly intended for children, but he disagrees:

"Adults at first interact with the projection, then they come to ask how it works. And when you explain to them that there is a camera that detects their movement in real time, they are amazed. It's a new technology that is not seen too often, currently is still reserved for niche artistic events."

What’s next?

Massimo offers this advice to anyone who is currently considering trying Lumo Play:

"The great advantage of Lumo Play is that it allows you to easily create interactive projections that until recently required very complex systems and programming skills. Moreover, the audience impact is truly priceless. Fun and enthusiasm are guaranteed."

His intention is to bring interactive projection technology out of the usual artistic enclaves and introduce it to the general public. Massimo and his company expect to set up many more event installations in Italy, and would be happy to help you with your event. You can contact him here:

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Massimo’s company is able to offer Lumo Play installations using hardware they already own

Installation and deployment is fast, and easy to setup/strike for events

Code-free content tools allow client to create custom effects for any event client

The audience response is incredible, and Lumo Play creates a unique opportunity for memorable, shareable videos that can be used to promote next year’s event


Small businesses offering event services like audio-visual rentals, videography, and video streaming services can benefit from adding Lumo Play to their core service offering, and will have no difficulty recouping their investment in the software.

Lumo Play's software is free to try, and works on most Windows computers. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!