Innovating for Good

When we think of the ways that technology can and will change lives for the better, products like Huawei’s StorySign immediately come to mind and make us really excited! New innovations give us opportunities to create bridges between humanity and making life easier for people who don’t experience life the way many of us do.

StorySign provides one such bridge between Deaf children and the difficulty they sometimes have with reading, by providing an augmented reality solution to help out.


A quick scan of words with the app and a character appears to translate what is written on the page into sign. It’s an incredible concept and something that we can imagine will be very helpful to Deaf children. This is what we hope to see so much more of in the future!

And seeing as it is the holiday season, Huawei’s touching advertisement sets a lovely tone, providing a heartwarming story and showing the app at work. Enjoy!