An Enchanting Collaboration

We love games, so seeing the video of this incredible Shanghai-based installation is enough to send our game-creating minds spinning. We think this could be turned into a pretty delightful play experience but even as a beautifully meditative experience, it’s quite amazing.

Created for COS Stores by Studio Swine, a collaboration between artists Alexander Groves and Azusa Murakami, the piece is enchanting. The artists work in all sorts of various mediums, so if they are every looking to play, they should definitely give us a call! (hint, hint)

Painting with Light and Music

We’ve gotten pretty used to seeing interactive installations that utilize light. It makes sense, because that’s exactly what we do here at Lumo! We craft light and you are able to play with the projected images and animations. But what the artists at Initi created for the musician Floex goes a step further by allowing dancers and musicians to play with light beams themselves and the effect is absolutely magical!

Does this make your imagination run wild? Ours certainly does! We love that the piece is a tribute to the beloved child empress of Fantasia from the Neverending Story. Seeing work like this is inspiring because it shows us a world where interactive experiences like ours and like the ones Initi is creating are part of our everyday lives, adding magic and beauty. Where does your mind go when you see work like this?

How to Set Up an Interactive Wall for your School Gym

How to Set Up an Interactive Wall for your School Gym

Lately we’ve been working with schools across North America who want to create an interactive wall in their gym or recreational activity room. These walls are created by projecting images in a wall, and using a camera to detect things like balls hitting the wall.

With Lumo Play software, you can turn a large area of wall into a game that many children can play together by throwing balls or soft objects at the wall.