Projected Art

We love getting to see how artists are using projection technology, so we loved coming across these recent videos!

In “Resonance” the Xenorama collective has combined tap dance and light to form a symbiotic “fusion of sound, body, and light.” It’s a beautiful journey into what is possible with creativity and a touch of technological magic! 

In “Volumen,” Filip Roca uses  projection mapping to alter how we see what we perceive as a fixed and well-defined space. That particular aspect of projection mapping is something that always excites us and this is a particular good use of that feature. 

Immersive Empathy

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 11.53.02 AM.png

What would happen if therapists and social workers could experience the traumas their clients experienced in a visceral, immersive way? How would that change how they approached treatment? A UK-based trial by The Cornerstone Partnership, which strives to use immersive technology for good, tested this very idea.

The team created a VR library of experiences that social workers could access so they could gain a better understanding of the trauma and neglect the children they served had survived. So far, participants think that the approach might be able provide a higher degree of empathy and seriously shift how professionals decide to treat their clients and patients. We love that experiments like this exist and would love to see the potential for social good through interactive and immersive technology keep growing and growing!

Accessible and Immersive Education

Google has quietly continued to evolve the technology they use for street view and are now demonstrating how it can be used to provide immersive learning environments. From Google Expeditions giving students access to places they might not ever be able to visit to Tour Creator allowing tour guides to expand how their clients experience a new city and giving business owners a unique way to orient new employees, there are so many incredible possibilities.

Even cooler? Google has optimized these experiences for their cardboard VR glasses to make them as accessible as possible! We can’t wait to try on a pair and see all the new places that are now available for us to explore.