Take a Leap!

Ever want to live the life of a daredevil with all of the adrenaline and none of the danger? We might just have a way for you to do that! The Evel Knievel Museum in Kansas wanted show visitors what it was like to be in the legendary risk-taker’s shoes.

We love that the immersive experience not only puts you in a 360 environment, but completes the experience by having you actually sit on a motorcycle. We don’t know about you, but our hearts would definitely be pounding after that!

Reach out and Touch The Moon

We’ll admit, the chance that any of us will be able to get up close and personal to the surface of the moon in our lifetimes is incredibly slim, but we might just have the next best thing! Thanks to a massive, internally-illuminated globe and projection mapping, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is bringing the our planet’s sidekick within reach.

The map also features the landing sites of various moon missions, if you’d like to take a tour. We’ve got to plan a trip to Texas and let our inner space geek out!