Lumo Play Software by Lumo Interactive is the easiest, most affordable way to create an interactive floor, wall, window or screen. All you need is a computer, projector or TV, and USB camera to get started. Lumo Play offers a free 30 day trial, patented online code-free creation tools, and a library of over 160 games and effects.

How does it work?

To run Lumo Play interactive display software, all you need is a Windows computer, a camera and a display. The computer runs the software and games, the display shows the game you are playing and the camera tracks your movement so that the games will react to you.

Case Studies

Lumo Play's interactive display software has been deployed in thousands of locations around the world. See how others are using our interactive projection software to promote their brands, turning normal advertising screens into custom interactive floors, motion reactive walls, and interactive window displays.