PO-MO Interactive Floor Projection Displays

Lumo Play - the world's most popular interactive floor software.

Whether you're creating an interactive floor projection for your sensory room or autism therapy center, augmenting a kid's play area with an interactive display, or installing an interactive floor system to advertise at an event, Lumo Play is the best solution.

Lumo Play was designed to make is super easy for therapists, teachers, and even parents to set up an interactive floor for special needs children. Now it's also the preferred system for advertisers, event planners, audio visual companies. Find out why:

other options

Making an interactive floor doesn't have to be hard or expensive.

Our competitors charge recurring monthly fees, and prefer to make their products difficult to use, so you'll pay more for support.

They also supply their own hardware, making maintenance more difficult, less flexible, and much less affordable.

lumo play

Lumo Play software is the most widely used interactive floor projection software in the world, with over 15,000 installations, and hundreds of new installations launching each month.

Lumo Play works with any projector and computer. You can choose hardware that fits your budget and hire a local audio visual installer, reducing costs by thousands of dollars.

Work with us. 

The largest collection of games/effects available

patented, code-free content creation tools

NO required monthly fees

Real interactive floor photos

Un-retouched images of Lumo Play interactive floors in sensory clinics, schools, businesses, events, museums, and even on TV.