The Lumo Play projector is currently in development and is not yet available to the public.

Lumo Play is an interactive floor projector that combines engaging digital content with the experience of active, physical play. Our mission is to create an educational, entertaining, and affordable toy that allows children to design their own interactive projection environments using their own artwork and imaginations.

Make your own interactive floor projection games with your own artwork without having to code.

Active, social play. Play by jumping into motion reactive games. The best part? Kids look at each other instead of at a screen.

An HDMI input allows you to use LUMOplay just like a regular projector, for movies, videos, and even as a display for other game consoles.


Our mission

To make an educational, entertaining, and affordable interactive projector that allows children to design their own environments using their own artwork.

Children spend 40 hours per week in front of a screen, which may stunt their social and cognitive development. Lumo Play addresses this problem by creating compelling interactive digital experiences in the real world to help develop large motor-skills and social skills. Children look at each other while jumping, running, and moving around, instead of staring at a screen. Like zombies. Because that's disturbing, right?

Lumo Play's patent-pending technology makes these experiences affordable for families for the first time. You've probably seen our software in malls and museums - we've been doing this for a while. But now, we're able to do it without using an expensive computer and projector. That means your kids can play with interactive projections at home. They can even make their own games!

This needs to happen - We’ve spent three years and invested our own money to build an entirely new kind of entertainment experience for kids, because we’ve seen first-hand how much kids and adults love playing with it. And we want to get the world playing and moving again.