PO-MO Interactive Floor Projection Displays

Buying an interactive floor system.

If you're looking for an interactive floor, you have a few options:

Main Competitors

Purchase a complete system from our main global competitors Motion Magix (India)GestureTek (Canada), or EyeClick Beam (Israel)All of them charge recurring monthly fees, and require software development skills in order to create your own content.

other competitors

Hire a company like Snibbe Interactive (USA)Teamlab (Japan), or Obscura (USA) to make something custom for you. Because they focus on one-off, custom installations, you can expect to pay upwards of $100K USD

Work with us. 

We offer the largest collection of games/effects available, as well as patented, code-free content creation tools. And best of all, we don't have any required monthly fees.

Case studies

WE know we're the best,

and once you compare us with the competition, you'll agree.

We have the most widely used software in the world:

Our Po-motion platform is a complete, patented solution. It's also the most deployed interactive floor and wall display software in the world.

Choose a solution for your budget: 

We're happy to sell you the software if you already have a hardware installation team (it's really easy to set up - we even have a free trial).

Complete turnkey services:

If you want us to take care of the whole installation, we have global installation partners who can save you a pile of money by sourcing your hardware and labour locally. They also offer competitive hardware maintenance packages, to keep your installation in top condition.


We have hundreds of games and effects, amazing pricing, and outstanding service and support. Let us know what you need.